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Hello, my name is Dennis Sanders and I have a small cattery in Southern California. I have been very fortunate to meet some very wonderful people who have helped me create a new and upcoming cattery with very high quality exotic cats. I have several litters coming and a beautiful litter of exotic kittens available right now. Please check my Available Page or with any questions you may have in regards to the availability of these show quality kittens.

GC RW Exotic Den's Lit'l Max is CFA Southwest Region's 17th Best Cat in the 2006-2007 Show Season.
GC RW Dega-Bulu's Tiger Wood of Exotic Den is CFA Southwest Region's 18th Best Cat in the 2006-2007 Show Season
GC Calicorose's Pandora of Exotic Den's Lit'l Max granded in the 2005-2006 CFA Show Season.
Exotic Den Kittens


ExoticDen has cats and kittens available for Pet, Breeding, and show... Check Available page for Cats and kittens.

take care... Dennis

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